Dayside Management Process Log

Record responses & thoughts for all steps in this Management Process Log daily.
The responses are sent to the management team to ensure consistent communication
 and are copied to an archive folder.

It forces us to think through our decisions, ensure we are making active ones, and to record our thought process - for perpetuity as well as for continued learning.

Service: *
Please write any special notes; VIP guests of note, large groups over 8 (where are they going?), any special arrangements.
Please make any notes of conditions that influenced decisions, ie: raining, snowing, odd event...
Staffing adjustments: *
Were any adjustments made to what was scheduled? Were there cuts?
Please list the staff and their assigned section/tables: Are the right people in the right sections? Are there any server requests? Please list any adjustments made & why? Please list any cuts you made & why?
Awnings? Up or down? Umbrellas? What are wind conditions? Was the terrace set-up appropriately? Do we have 5 dueces in the 10's if we have five 2-top reservations? Are parties set-up correctly and assigned due to service preferences/arrangements? Please make any notes that are specific to this service.