Duck a la Presse

Join us for a classic dining experience of another time and era and transport yourself. Devined in Paris in the late 19th century by a man named Machenet, the inspired and sometimes considered macabre dish was made famous by Chef Frèdèric of the restaurant La Tour d' Argent.

While we cannot, in this country, serve the very traditional "strangled duck", we source our beautiful birds well and include the permissible innards. Excruciating detail and history can be discussed table side, as you enjoy the show. A whole roasted duck is presented, carved, with the carcass then "pressed" table side preparing your sauce for the dish. Served with seasonal accoutrement, the Duck a la Presse is best served and can be a meal for 2, or a course for 4.

$175 for a whole duck and accoutrement

Once confirmed, our special Duck a la Presse menu will be sent with course additions, flambée dessert options, and suggested wine pairings.

Call with any questions, or to reserve directly:  651-222-5676.  Otherwise, you may submit your reservation request from the form below:

MSP Magazine's highlight of our Duck a la Presse, which we began offering in January 2017.

MSP Magazine's highlight of our Duck a la Presse, which we began offering in January 2017.

Reserve your Duck

Submit this form to reserve your Duck a la Presse experience.  We will be in touch via phone to follow up and confirm your date and time, as well as to get credit card information in order to complete, as only one duck is available per service due to the nature of table-side presentation, and our availability to do so.

***Due to demand, we will post updates about holiday availability here:

We will have three available time slots for Thanksgiving Eve, Christmas Eve & New Year’s Eve evening: 5:00 pm, 7:30 pm, and 10:00 pm. Please call directly to book one of these times, 651-222-5676.

We do require 72 hours advanced notice in order to properly select and prepare your duck.  Once you submit a reservation form, you will receive a follow-up call to secure credit card information (required to reserve the duck, and we also do have a 72 hour cancellation policy, as each duck is prepared individually for each reservation).

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