We strive to hire a people who are looking to be part of something and invest in the culture of Meritage. We have very little turn over as a house, so apply with us and see if a career with Meritage would be the right fit.

Currently, we are hiring for the positions below:

  • Back of House

    • Line Cook

    • Dishwasher

  • Front of House

    • Service Assistant/Host

    • Server

    • Manager

From this page you can: download an application, submit your resume, or contact us with any questions, please scroll down.


Line Cook - Experienced Position
Always looking for strong additions to our Brigade. Successful applicants will also possess the following:

  • comfort and familiarity with culinary skills
    (we are not a kitchen to cut your teeth in)

  • autonomous working ability and a self-starter

  • a real interest/need to work in an independent chef-driven environment

  • desire to continue learning with a recognition that when you're good you always are

  • a real interest in food and passion for the job

-Qualified Applicants will possess:

  • a strong sense of urgency

  • motivation to perform in a busy environment

  • experience in a high-volume, fast-paced kitchen

  • reliable work ethic

  • be a team player be able to lift 40 lbs and work in a safe manner

  • must be able to work Sundays


-We consider these positions our "farm team" for front of house development.  We prefer to grow our staff from within the company.  So, this is a great position for someone looking to transition to independent from corporate environments, and a place to learn the essential service standards to be successful in this industry.  If this intrigues you, the following are also characteristic of successful applicants:

  • an ability to move quickly and a motivation to be in a face-paced professional environment

  • strong work ethic and sense of personal responsibility

  • must want to be a team player, and is seeking to learn and be part of something

  • be able to lift 25 lbs and work in a safe manner

  • must be able to stand and be on feet for long periods of time

  • must be able to work Saturdays & Sundays

SERVER - Minimum of 3 shifts per week, open availability always preferred, Saturday & Sunday availability necessary.
We have very high standards for our servers and require a minimum of 3-5 years of experience in a chef-driven or fine dining atmosphere. Successful applicants will also possess the following:

  • comfort and familiarity with basic wine knowledge, preference given to those with extensive knowledge/training

  • autonomous, mature, working ability and a self-starter
    (we prefer to hire people who look at serving as a career choice)

  • a real interest in working in an independent chef-driven environment, and a knowledge of fine dining service standards

  • a real interest in food and passion for the job


Our management team is very hands-on, and becoming part of it requires passion for the industry and a strong work ethic. Must be able to keep pace and have the chops it takes to lead a dynamic crew. We take what we do seriously, while also trying not to take ourselves too seriously.

We believe in creating experiences, and having a heart for hospitality and positive energy is important to us.  This is what we do - hospitality as a career - and it is what daunts us as well. Working for a shop like Meritage is a lifestyle, not just a job. We are a "top-line" oriented restaurant that invests a lot in its staff training (wine school, for example) as well as professional development for our staff and management team. This position directly supports the general management of Meritage; and will be focused on staff training & outcomes, guest incentives & community development, as well as the overall systems, training, and flow.

Specific duties may include; overview of training materials, update and organization of such materials. Responsible for ensuring training materials are accessible, reviewed, and part of our ongoing educational environment. Attends tastings, educational seminars, and will development assessments of these opportunities and training materials from them, to share with the house. This position also has the unique call to assist in the marketing of Meritage and in continuing the narrative - both in-house, with staff and guest relations, as well as externally, working with messaging, some social media and community engagement.

We have strong educational offerings for staff and guests, and we participate in cultural outreach and celebrations. We are seeking someone who understands the restaurant world, and has their own perspective and experience - but, also understands that Meritage is like a river with its own current, it is best to get in and learn to flow with it in order to effectively guide in any new direction.  We have a well seasoned team that need leadership that will work alongside with them and respect them as the service professionals they are; our youngest team member is in their late 20’s.  Managing Meritage is rewarding, and if you are prepared and a proactive manager, you are set up for success nightly. Service is primary, for all of us.  

Finally, working with us is like joining a family, you are part of something bigger than yourself. Personal investment is a job expectation. We are looking for staff members who are looking for a community to grow within - in truth, compensation in our world is much more than a paycheck. We strive for intrinsically rewarding.

Must Haves:

  • Independent/Chef Driven/Fine Dining experience, 3+ years required (we need to know you've seen real food) and working for an independent is a very different experience than working for a large restaurant group or company. It's a life-style

  • True interest in floor management and leadership; desire to be part of continuous development of skills for staff as well as for self. The willingness to get in and work right alongside the staff. And, the understanding that part of the job in management is supporting the team. This is a "hands-on" position. We're a busy shop.

  • Commitment to and love for the industry.

  • Desire to continue growth, and the attitude that this is your career not your job.

  • An positive attitude and appreciation for continued development - we send all of our staff through advanced training (8 weeks of wine school, for example) and support ongoing professional development. We invest in our people and expect our people to invest in us.

Important Factors:

  • knowledge of service standards and the ability to enforce them

  • a deep knowledge and/or appreciation of food and wine

  • the ability to see the forest for the trees is necessary

  • should be well read and/or well traveled

  • language skills in French? C'est bon !

  • should love being in restaurants

  • strong preference given to applicants with management experience, though we are also looking for someone whom can grow with us

Compensation: $35k - $40k to start (based upon experience) + personalized benefits package

Benefits: 2 weeks paid vacation, parking, healthcare allowance (we do not offer healthcare internally, MNsure is better than anything we would be able to offer, so we try to focus our resources elsewhere to assist our staff), education/professional development expense account/support, staff incentives (i.e.: Saints tickets, special events and picnics, field trips), plus daily meals at Meritage! 

In addition, we offer an amazing staff to manage, a house you can be proud to be part of, autonomy and room for growth.  Hours: about 45-50 per week, sometimes less, sometimes more. 2 days off per week. Paid holidays.

Schedule outline: 

  • Monday: off

  • Tuesday: 3:00pm - “close” (11:00pm)

  • Wednesday: 3:00pm - “close” (11:00pm)

  • Thursday: off

  • Friday: 3:00pm - “swing” (10:00pm)

  • Saturday: 12:00pm (for events, matinees) 3:00pm (regular hours) - “swing” (9/10:00pm)

  • Sunday: 9:30am - “swing” (3:00pm, non-event/off-season) 6:30pm (regular hours)

Monday & Thursday's off. We are closed July 4th, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years Day and the day after new years day, all of which are paid holidays. We all work 2 events; Bastille Day & Oysterfest, and 2 brunch holidays each year (Easter & Mother's Day) at least a 1/2 day. Ultimately, we’re all in it together. 

Applicants selected for an interview will be contacted.
Please send your resume via email or you can drop it off in person.
We will accept resumes for these positions until we find the right candidate.
Unfortunately, we are not able to respond to every inquiry due to the volume we receive

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