Host Form: Large Party/Special Request Form

Please enter all guest inquiry information here, so Marguerite/Angel can follow up with them.

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Date requested for event:
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What time/time-range are they hoping to join us? Only 1 large group is allowed during pre-event, and mostly we will book large groups to arrive no earlier than 7:30pm (we can discuss arrival area/reception prior to for some guest events).
How many guests in the party?
What is the event/purpose of this booking? Celebration? Company party? Is there anything they need to keep a schedule for - aka: are they going to a show afterwards?
Will they need Valet?
This is only valid for evening bookings - many hosts would like this offered to their guests, and we can alert our Valet to the party name, collect the number of valeted cars and put on the check at the end of the event for them - if the host prefers.
What sort of experience are they looking for? Tasting menus? Private dining? Enter any notes here.
Credit Card Information:
Have we received cc information yet? No date will be considered "secured" until we have processed a deposit. $50 for groups of 13-18, for groups over 18 the deposit will be associated with a F&B minimum or menu-plan, and will generally be $250 - in all cases the deposit will be applied to the bill the night of the event.