Management Shift Close

Record responses & thoughts to the following to close shift daily.
The responses are sent to the management team and are copied to an archive folder.

This forces us to reflect and to ensure communication between management.

If more than one Bartender, list them and both of their hours worked.
Please list the names of each Service Assistant, alongside their hours worked. ( ie: Henry 5, William 6)
Valet Rate: *
What did we charge per car during this service?
Please list the names of each Valet, alongside hours worked (as above).
Check your "timecards" on the POS - who is left on the clock at your departure? Secondly, how long do you estimate it will be until lights go off and the doors get locked?
All checks must be closed at the end of service. Is there a reason there is an outstanding check? If so, please give reason here.
Bar Stocking Status *
*This addition to our closing logs is intended for us as managers to touch bases with our bar and our new policy of stocking at close to open prepared. You should know, by the time that you leave, where the bar is in stocking process. Please also note known 86's from beverage program in shift close notes. Please confirm the status of the Bar Stocking List:
Please give thoughts on flow of service, staffing, any issues, successes, challenges, supply needs or details to share.
Is there anything you want Chef, Desta or MOD next shift to know?
Weather for next day anticipated:
What is the weather for tomorrow at this point?
What is the updated cover count for the next shift so that the next MOD can make cuts and adjustments as necessary.