Wine Director & Service Manager

Meritage, our award-winning, chef-driven, independently owned and operated, little slice of Paris is entering it's 10th year of service in 2017.  It is a time for re-investment, re-assessment and reflection.  It is also time to usher in the leadership of a new, charismatic and knowledgeable individual, with both the passion and professionalism to lead our already dynamic and dedicated team.  Our staff are educated, well traveled, and engaged hospitality professionals.  Those who aren't "there" yet, are being groomed in-house to understand service standards, receive a wine, spirit and food education, all while working hard and being cross-trained, earning their way to the floor in one of the most revered and beloved restaurants in the Twin Cities.  We're looking for the right individual to help us lead this team into our next decade, and be part of all of the growth and refinement we will be going through over the next year, and beyond.


Saint Paul, Minnesota

While it may not be London or NYC, the lifestyle you can accomplish in Minnesota is quite comfortable.  In addition, the food scene has been thriving, and gaining national recognition.

The arts, music and culture here cannot really cannot be beat, with more theatre seats per capita than anywhere else.  Add to this the fact that more people in the Twin Cities possess a BA or high degree per capita than anywhere else in the world, so we have a highly educated clientele and city center as well.  

There are 3 beautiful lakes within the city itself, as well as the river, so outdoor space and activities abound.  And, yes, it is cold.  In truth, this is a place that knows how to embrace Winter, and there are tons of activities.  Plus, this is Meritage's busy season (they all are really), in the height of theatre season, so there isn't much time anyway.

Chef Russell & Desta Klein

Chef Russell & Desta Klein

The position & scope

Wine Director & Service Manager, is how the position is currently constructed.  

As one of a team of managers, this position is not simply nor solely focused on the wine program, rather in addition to.  We have a lot of talent within our house and we believe knowledge is power.  So, while this position will be the Wine Director position, and will be responsible for the wine program, they will also need to be strong at training and comfortable working in group tastings understanding the necessity for education, and the value of colleague feedback in selection.  As for the details and additional responsibilities, we believe in building the position towards the individual, and we shape positions to make use of talents and interests. So, the final title and role will be candidate oriented. 

Compensation is commensurate with experience, as well as the economy local to the Twin Cities. 

Ultimately, we strive to create a mutually respectful environment with the shared perspective that we are career professionals and pursue work in hospitality because it is what we do, who we are, and is what inspires us (even if it is what daunts us as well). 

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How to apply

Please, check out our website, our Facebook, or Instagram and Twitter.  The link below will bring you to our employment page for more information and with instructions on how to submit.

You can always email us at: or to Desta directly, at

We do know of host organizations to support a visa, and we do have some resources to help with relocation as well.  All can be discussed with candidates we choose to interview.