Vacation Request

Vacation requests must be submitted and approved by Management. This form must be completed and submitted prior to scheduling and flights or purchasing any tickets. To qualify for PTO submit this form respecting company policies and, once approved, we will submit with the applicable payroll.

*As of 2016 we granted our staff accumulating PTO (Paid Time Off). A law was passed regarding “sick and safe” time, and we decided to allow it to be used as vacation time too, so long as it is respectfully done, following our policies.

We ask you to respect the house in your requests and uses of PTO (we not only pay you, but someone else to work in your absence), and understand that we must ensure the house is covered from a staffing standpoint in order for Meritage to stay strong for all of us. This benefit is only valid during employment with Meritage, and is not an account you can “cash out”, as by law it is only to be used when sick, we have altered it for our team to include use as vacation time - pending approval and appropriate use.

You may only request PTO for shifts/hours you would have normally been scheduled for. This benefit cannot be used to pay you for hours the company would not have already had a budget for, and any requested hours over those budgets will be reduced to reflect what hours you would have been scheduled for only. Paid “leave” (maternity, paternity, military, jury duty, etc) must be discussed and approved in advance.

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