Stage Evaluation

The questions in this form should be completed to the best of your ability to truly offer a useful evaluation of the potential staff member who may join our team.  Please be thorough and know that this form becomes part of their permanent record should they be hired.

On a scale of 1 - 5:

1 = the least (poor)
5 = the most (excellent)

Please evaluate the stages performance.  All 5's most desirable, but shouldn't be easy to obtain.  There are a possible 40 points.

Be sure to get their availability if it is likely we will proceed.

Applicant Name *
Applicant Name
(professionalism, style, appeal)
(enthusiastic? engaged? asking questions?)
(how comfortable are they in the restaurant environment?)
(did they display any of these?)
(did you detect any of these things?)
(how is their exposure?)
(do they have any?)
(do they feel like they are Meritage quality/style?)
(did they have a good positive interaction with the house?)
Able to start by:
Able to start by:
(please list any shifts that they candidate already has obligations for on a weekly basis; i.e. class on Friday mornings, yoga on Tuesday evenings, etc?)