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Meritage Tour de France

Thursdays - Saturdays This Summer

Join us for our six week Tour de France, where we will be exploring the cuisine from different regions all over France. Beginning July 13th, each week from Thursday through Saturday, a prix-fixe menu from a different French region will be offered in addition to the regular menu. Each menu will feature wine pairings that are both traditional and inspired by the region's cuisine.

Prices for the menus will range from $45-$60 per person. (Participation by the entire table is not necessary.)

Schedule and tentative menus:

Brittany/Normandy  (7/13-7/15):
-Broiled Oysters with Cider Sabayon
-Cotriade Bretonne
-Caramelized Apple Crêpe with Devonshire Crème

-Jambon Persillé
-Oeufs en Meurette
-Boeuf Bourguignon
-Oeufs a la Neige

Bordeaux (Aquatine)  (7/27-7/29)
-Cèpes à la Bordelaise
-Gigot d”Agneau
-Ossau Iraty
-Canelé de Bordeaux

Languedoc-Roussillon  (8/3-8/5)
-Terrine of Foie Gras
-Magret de Canard
-Saint Nectaire
-Tart au Prunes

Alsace/Champagne/Lorraine (8/10-8/12)
-Choucroute au Poisson
-Poulet au Vinegar
-Tart au Fromage Blanc

Provence (8/17-8/19)
-Vegetable Crudités with Aioli
-Rouget with Ratatouille
-Navarin d’Agneau
-Tart Tropézienne

Please mention in your reservation notes that you plan to take the Tour if that is important to you,
and we can be sure it is still available when you arrive.