Wine School

We take what we do very seriously, while we try not to take ourselves too seriously. Hence the philosophy behind Meritage Wine School.

  • Are you curious?

  • Do you need the basics? (unless you have been through training, we think everyone does)

  • Are you interested in being able to have a conversation about wine?

  • Do you want to be able to identify what you like, and understand why?

Any of these are great reasons to sign-up for Meritage Wine School. All students receive the same level of basic training and wine education we give to our staff. All of them are required to attend and pass wine school before they can serve in our dining room.

But, this is not a stuffy way to learn about wine, and this is not Sommelier level training. This is a fun and interactive class with maps, fun stories & factoids, and of course, wine.

One of the ways to learn with Meritage:

  • Our standard "Wine School" which is an 6 -8 week course, that establishes a general base knowledge and and know-how around wine. Classes for the Summer cohort of 2018 begin in July.

    • Wednesday evenings; 6:30-8:00pm, beginning January 30th, 2019. Join us for 7 weeks for a strong overview of wine in our world, as we focus on European and American wine making. Registration now open

  • The Details :

  • You must be 21 years of age to attend.

  • Light canapes will be provided to assist with instruction.

  • 10% "student discount" on days of class, before or after, during course term.

  • You can have a friend sit in for you for any paid classes missed.

  • Every time we offer Wine School we offer a completely new selection of wines to taste through, so it can easily become ongoing education.


Purchase your Full Course Registration here:

If you would like additional information, or would like us to assist you in registering for the course, please fill out the form below and we will contact you within 48 hours. 

Gifting Wine School: We can personalize a certificate, if giving Wine School as a gift - just let us know in the message below.

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Wine School

Winter Wine School Class Schedule: The class schedule is very purposeful and covers the most important wine regions with the most depth.

  1. Jan 30 - Wine 101: The Basics

    • New to 101: Wine Faults; how to identify them and what they are

  2. Feb 6 - French White Wine

  3. Feb 13 - French Red Wine

  4. Feb 20 - The Siblings: Spanish & Italian Wine

  5. Feb 27 - The Baby: California & Pacific Northwest

  6. Mar 6 - Bubbles!

  7. Mar 13 - Port & Dessert Wine

Costs:  $300 - Full Course (7 weeks)

All class fees include 5-6 wines per class, and light canapes for tasting purposes.


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